Jun 142017

20th: One juvenile Common Gull flying from Treshnish lochan towards Laine Sgeir accompanied by an adult. With a quick look on the 15th I saw one very newly hatched chick beside a warm egg and an the other side of the lochan a half grown chick away from a nest.
My second non-bumblebee/Honey Bee. It is one of the mining bees. Not sure I’ll be able to identify it to species level but I will give it a go later.

Four new hoverfly species for me today:
Xylota segnis

I think, Platycheirus peltatus

Scaeva pyrastri

and my first bumblebee mimic. I think it is a female Eristalis intricarius.

I have seen this species pair before. It is either Syrphus vitripennis or torvus (female). The hind femur is dark except the lower third (see middle photo). S. ribesii has a yellow hind femur with a dark base.

19th: I was surprised to see a flock of about 20 Long-tailed Tits in Treshnish wood. That means that more than one pair has bred in the wood or nearby.

Willow Warbler fledglings

First definite Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary of the year at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse.
My first bee which isn’t a bumblebee nor Honey Bee. I think it is Common Furrow Bee Lasioglossum calceatum

Three new hoverfly species:
Eristalis nemorum

Helophilus trivittatus

and Scaeva selenitica

Buff-tailed Bumblebee

and a day-flying White Ermine

18th: At least 4 juvenile Long-tailed Tits in Treshnish wood.
Three Hedgehogs in 24 hours. 2 at Haunn (possibly same) and 1 at Treshnish.

16th: At least 6 juvenile Long-tailed Tits in Treshnish wood.
15th: pair of Whinchat with food in same place as yesterday.
Willow Warbler chick still unable to fly

14th: 1 male Reed Bunting at Treshnish boathouse and presumably breeding nearby. Female Whinchat with food near quarry cut in Black park obviously had a nest nearby (I’ve seen fledglings here in previous years).
A small orange butterfly was also there but I didn’t get to see it land. It was too dark for a Small Heath so probably Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary.
A Mountain Hare below Treshnish House stayed put in long grass with the dogs close by. This was an uncropped image.

I looked the next day to see if there were leverets but couldn’t see any signs. Another one seen at boathouse.

At least 7 Small-white Orchids in usual spot in Black park. I didn’t notice the grasshopper till later.

and Yellow-eyed Grass with closed flowers at bottom of Black park
New hoverfly species for me and Treshnish. It is of the Eupeodes luniger group. I needed a photo of the face to be more specific and even then I think it is difficult.

10th: At least 2 Small-white Orchids at Toechtamhor (orchids are very late this year, presumably because of dry spring)
9th: Red Grouse heard at 5am at lochan
7th: Getting better at identifying the odd Garden Bumblebees amongst the much more common White-tailed Bumblebee complex. There was one today on Foxgloves and one on 5 June on flowering Kale and on 31st May on Rosa rugosa.
5th: What looked like 1 or 2 fledged Buzzards over lochan and wood
The Narrow-leaved Helleborine which Carolyne found 2 years ago has one fruit developing.
4th: 1 Red Grouse at Treshnish lochan
3rd: 1 Golden-ringed Dragonfly in cow-barn field (first of the year).
1 Cinnabar moth in front of Toechtamhor. Adults are rarely seen at Treshnish although one year there were a lot of larva on the Marsh Ragwort near the gate into Haunn field.

 June 14, 2017