Oct 152018

15th: 1 Cattle Egret at Calgary. Our neighbour saw it on the 12th and a Calgary resident saw it yesterday evening. It was apparently also present at Dervaig on the 12th but that could be just inaccurate place recording. This is a Scottish rarity and the only the third record for Argyll.

4 Golden Plovers at Langamull machair.

7th: at least 3 Bullfinches near Nissen hut Treshnish Wood.


5th: 6 Jays (flying west) just below Treshnish farm building and also c20 Long-tailed Tits but they landed to west of Duill.


4th at least 2 possibly 8 Bullfinches at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse.


3rd: Guests reported an Osprey at Haunn and i8bn fistty week of June 2016 at Croggan.


2nd: Guests reported an Osprey at Haunn and same guests saw one at Croggan  in first week of June 2016.


 October 15, 2018