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SummaryEnjoy widescreen HD video calls on this superb Logitech webcamBoasts 30fps for smooth video quality & crisp, contrasted imagesFeatures a built-in mic with noise-reducing technologyComes with a universal clip to attach to your screen or pop on a shelfSmall & adjustable for the ultimate convenienceLogitech C270 HD Webcam DescriptionWhether its Skype calls with the family or Zoom catch-ups with the office, this Logitech webcam is designed to help you get the most out of your video calls. With its impressive 30 frames per second and 720p resolution, youll get to enjoy high-definition clarity and Logitech quality you can count on. 
Thanks to its superb resolution, you can rest assured the quality of your video calls will be top-notch with crisp images and vivid colours to enhance your communication experience. Meanwhile, the smooth video capabilities of the HD webcam will help to make your online interactions feel more like real life.
Were not all blessed with perfect lighting conditions in our homes or office, but luckily the Logitech webcam can easily adjust itself in dim surroundings to deliver brighter images with more contrast. 
A built-in mic with noise-reducing technology allows your voice to come across with clarity, no matter how busy your surroundings. So, if you happen to have a particularly noisy household, you wont have to keep muting yourself in that team video chat!
The Logitech webcam comes with a universal clip that allows you to easily attach the HD webcam to your screen or rest it on a nearby shelf if you prefer. Its small, adjustable build ensures complete flexibility, allowing you to adjust it for the most convenient angle – perfect for strategically hiding any mess on your desk! 
Compatible with Windows 7 and above as well as in USB Video Device Class (UVC) mode with supported video-calling clients with other operating systems, its a brilliant option for just about any household or office needs.

Resolution: HD (720p)

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Built-in MicrophoneYesResolution720p

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