Wall-mounted Air Purifier Fresh Blower C1 80m/h Removal of Formaldehyde PM2.5 Carbon Dioxide Low Noise APP Control



Description & Details

Wall-mounted Air Purifier Fresh Blower C1 80m/h Removal of Formaldehyde PM2.5 Carbon Dioxide Low Noise APP Control DescriptionMain Features:

Small Size: flexible choice of installation location, aperture is only 75mm, installation only requires 4 screws.

80m/h Pure Air Volume: multiple filters purify the air entering the room, and the air circulation continuously dilutes indoor formaldehyde, PM2.5, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases.

Compound Filter: the primary filter is detachable, easy to wash, blocking the entry of mites, catkins, etc., effectively filtering PM2.5 and inhalable particulate matter.

Double Centrifugal Fan: brushless DC motor, large torque creates super new wind power, energy saving.

Low Noise: the dual-channel flow path design has smooth ventilation, and the high-efficiency forward multi-blade fan runs smoothly.

PTC Auxiliary Heating: turn on electric auxiliary heating to make the air heated more evenly.

Automatic Check Valve: ladder blade design prevents outdoor air from passing through the equipment into the room.

Intelligent Control:APP control, voice control (only support Chinese version).


Rated Voltage: 220V;

Rated Frequency: 50Hz;

Rated Power: 310W;

Rated Air Volume: 80m/h;

Clean Air Volume: 79.2m/h;

Applicable Area: 28.6m;

Noise: 36dbB;

Wireless Connection: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz;

Note Does not include installation services;

Dimension PackageWeight:6.3kg;

ProductSize:53.00×31.00×13.00 cm;

Package Contents

1 xFresh Air Fan;

1 xHook Board;

1 x Air Hose;

1 xExtension Air Hose;

1 xExpansion Screw;

1 xFixing Screw;

1 xFoam;

1 xAir Pipe Hood;

1 x Manual;

1 x CN Plug




3654659189233 (EAN)

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