Acronis TIH3B2S True Image 2020 License – 1 Computer TIH3B2UKS



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Acronis TIH3B2S True Image 2020 License – 1 Computer TIH3B2UKS DescriptionMirror Imaging – Automatically keep all your data safe: operating system, programs, settings, files, and boot information.

Two-click Backup – Back up to local drives, external drives, NAS, network shares, and cloud with just two clicks. Click once more for advanced technical options.

Dual Protection – Replicate local backups in the Acronis Cloud automatically to ensure off-site copies are always available for recovery.

Mobile Backup – Safeguard the data from your smartphones and tablets via Wi-Fi to your PC, Mac, or NAS device, or directly to Acronis Cloud Storage. Migrate data from Android to iOS and back again.

Remote Management – Control all backups for all your devices using a touchfriendly, online dashboard.

Acronis True Image delivers easy, efficient, secure cyber protection, combining reliable backups with a proven, integrated AI-based defense against ransomware and cryptojacking attacks. More than 5 million customers worldwide rely on Acronis to protect their data every day.

Back up everything: including operating systems, applications, settings, photos, videos, files, and Office 365 accounts. Supports Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices. Clone a system disk while its in use. Store backups on local drives, external hard drives, NAS, and the cloud. Dual Protection automatically replicates local backups in the cloud for guaranteed off-site protection, ensuring a quick recovery is always possible.




4260019575715 (EAN)



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