1:1 Drive Duplicator and Eraser for 2.5in / 3.5in SATA Drives



Description & Details 1:1 Drive Duplicator and Eraser for 2.5in / 3.5in SATA Drives DescriptionThe SATDUP11 standalone hard drive duplicator eraser enables you
to copy 1-to-1, or erase up to 2 SATA hard drives simultaneously
without a host computer.

Featuring three modes of standalone drive duplication including
Data Only, All Partitions, and Sector by Sector, the HDD copier
offers high performance duplication, and has been tested for speeds
up to 14GB per minute.

As a hard drive eraser the SATDUP11 is capable of erasing two
drives simultaneously with several different modes available
including Quick Erase, Secure Erase, and Single-Pass / Three-Pass
Hard Drive Overwrite (DoD) — which passes over the hard drive 3
times to ensure that the data has been completely wiped.

Complete with integrated LCD display, and support for 2.5” and
3.5” SATA I/II/III hard drives (HDD) and Solid State Drives
(SSD), the SATDUP11 is a user-friendly all-in-one solution for any
application requiring hard drive duplication or erasing.

For added compatibility with different drive types in duplication
and quick erase applications, the SATDUP11 supports the use of
various drive adapters. The below list of adapters
have been specifically tested, to ensure compatibility with this
drive duplicator:

2.5/3.5in IDE drives – SAT2IDEADP

mSATA drives – SAT2MSAT25

M.2 (NGFF) drives – SAT32M225

The SATDUP11 features high quality aluminum construction, and is
backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime
technical support.

The Advantage

– Quickly duplicate hard drives at speeds up to 14 GB per

– Securely erase two drives simultaneously, with Single-Pass and
Multi-Pass HDD overwriting (DoD)




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