(Pink) Wearable Necklace Air Purifier Mini Portable Noise Low Negative Ion Generator



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(Pink) Wearable Necklace Air Purifier Mini Portable Noise Low Negative Ion Generator DescriptionFeatures:

1.Using pulsed tip technology to release a large amount of oxygen anions, using the latest dual carbon brush and double negative ion generator design, over 5 million negative ions can effectively remove floating dust, smoke, formaldehyde, PM2.5 and other harmful substances in the air.

2. Release a large amount of oxygen anions, kill harmful bacteria and molds, decompose fumes, odors, and harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene released by car interior parts (such as plates and leather).

3. Negative ions promote metabolism, activate cells, refreshing and relieve motion sickness.

4. Mini, portable necklace design, elegant and convenient to carry.

5. Easy to operate, one button to turn on / off. just press the button for two seconds to enjoy the fresh air.


Type:Air Purifier Necklace;

Material: ABS;


Input Voltage: DC 5V;

Negative ion: 5 Million;

Charging Time: 1 hour;

Life time: 8 hours;

Battery Capacity: 250mAh;

Purify Range:3-5m;

Bear size: approx.53.6x21x60.5mm/2.11×0.83×2.38″;

Round size: approx.55.5×24.5x59mm/2.19×0.96×2.32″;


Package including:

1x Air Purifier;

1x USB Cable;

1x Lanyard;

1x Manual




3654659060143 (EAN)

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