(EU Plug) Maker Smoke Fog Machine Color Changing Party Prop With 12LED Color Changing Party Prop Home Decoration



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(EU Plug) Maker Smoke Fog Machine Color Changing Party Prop With 12LED Color Changing Party Prop Home Decoration DescriptionFeatures:

– No heat or chemicals used.


– Easy to use, long service life, self-protection.

– Ideal for indoor or outdoor fountains, water functions and offices.

– Add a breathtaking haze effect to your pond or water tank to filter out bad smells thanks to electro and ultrasonic technology.


Power: 24V (need 24V power supply);

Cable length: 125 cm / 49.21″;

Power plug: European regulations, American regulations;

Notice: this article is equipped with power supply (Cable length: 70 cm / 27.55″).

Points of attention:

1. Do not turn over the fogger when the switch is on, stay straight or damage the atomizer.

2. Please make sure that the daily operating time is less than 10 hours, otherwise the lifespan of the atomization unit will be short.

3. Do not touch the spray wafer while the fogger is operating.

4. Make sure the water is of high quality, use clean tap water. (deterioration in water quality can affect lifespan).

5. Please turn off the power before movement or maintenance.

6. The atomization section is consumable, and its lifespan is? 3000 hours. If a marked reduction in mist is present, please clean the atomizing edge with a cotton swab (no need to use detergent). Keep it clean.

If there is still a marked reduction in mist after cleaning, please change a new spray pattern. (recommend buying another slice of atomization transducer).

Caveat: This product cannot be directly used, it needs 100V-220V transformer, output voltage is 24V.

Package included:

1 x Fogger;

1 x Power;

1 x Stand;




6112211958507 (EAN)

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