Compatible Label Tape Compatible With Brother PT-2030VP PT-2100 PT-2420PC PT-2460 TZe232



Description & Details

Compatible Label Tape Compatible With Brother PT-2030VP PT-2100 PT-2420PC PT-2460 TZe232 DescriptionLabel Cassette Tape Compatible With Brother TZE-232, TZE232, TZ232, TZ-232 For:  Brother GL-100

Brother GL-200

Brother GL-200VP

Brother PT-1000

Brother PT-1005

Brother PT-1005BTS

Brother PT-1005F

Brother PT-1005FB

Brother PT-1010

Brother PT-1090

Brother PT-1200

Brother PT-1230PC

Brother PT-1260VP

Brother PT-1280

Brother PT-1280DT

Brother PT-1290VP

Brother PT-1750

Brother PT-1830VP

Brother PT-18R

Brother PT-1950

Brother PT-2030VP

Brother PT-2100

Brother PT-2420PC

Brother PT-2430PC

Brother PT-2460

Brother PT-2470

Brother PT-2480

Brother PT-2500PC

Brother PT-2700VP

Brother PT-2730VP

Brother PT-300BT (P-Touch Cube)

Brother PT-3600

Brother PT-550

Brother PT-7100VP

Brother PT-7500

Brother PT-7600VP

Brother PT-9200DX

Brother PT-9200PC

Brother PT-9400

Brother PT-9500PC

Brother PT-9600

Brother PT-9700PC

Brother PT-9800PCN

Brother PT-D200VP

Brother PT-D210VP

Brother PT-D400

Brother PT-D450VP

Brother PT-D600VP

Brother PT-D800W

Brother PT-E100VP

Brother PT-E110VP

Brother PT-E300VP

Brother PT-E550WSP

Brother PT-E550WVP

Brother PT-E550WVPNI

Brother PT-H110

Brother PT-H200 (P-touch Craft)

Brother PT-H300

Brother PT-H500

Brother PT-P700

Brother PT-P710BT

Brother PT-P750W

Brother PT-P900W

Brother PT-P950NW

Brother RL-700S

Colour: Red On WhiteInk Capacity: 12mm x 8m




5057666441703 (EAN)


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