bluetooth 5.1 Headset TWS Wireless LED Display Flashlight Waterproof Earphones Mini Earbuds Stereo Sport Headphones


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bluetooth 5.1 Headset TWS Wireless LED Display Flashlight Waterproof Earphones Mini Earbuds Stereo Sport Headphones DescriptionFeature:

– Headphones”Take out and Connect” Automatic boot-up connection.

-It can charge the mobile phone. Long press the light switch key at the bottom of the charging chamber to turn on the strong LED light to light up the night.

-Disinfection and sterilization of UV earphone. Put the earphone into the charging box, close the charging box, double-click the bottom switch, and the purple light in the box will light up for ultraviolet disinfection.

-Upgrade magnetic induction and store charging cabin;

-Colorful fingerprint touch, no pressure on ears;

-Binaural noise reduction system, transmission clear without noise;

-Life class waterproof, no fear of sweating;

-Call voice assistant, your life assistant;

– bluetooth 5.1;

With the 5.1 version of the bluetooth chip, the call effect, compatibility functionality and other aspects have been significantly improved, no delay.

– In-ear “Painless” Design:

Fit the ear canal, comfortable and feelless, sports can not afford to lose.

– LED Electricity Display Screen:

Add a new power display, charging cabin, Headphone Power at a glance.

– 3600mAh Charging Box:

You can charge it automatically, Fully power off automatically

– Bilateral High Definition Telephone:

Intelligent de-noising of telephone calls enables you to chat freely all the way. Clear calls are readily available.


Product model: F9-3;

bluetooth version: V5.1;

Communication distance: 10M (in barrier free environment);

Noise reduction version: cvc8.0;

Single ear capacity: 50mah;

Music time: about 180h;

Standby time: about 220h (for use with charging cabin);

Charging box capacity: 3600 mAh;

Headphone Material: PC Material;

Applicable products: smart matching mobile phone, tablet computer (IOS, Android general);

General functions: music play, prompt for coming point, intelligent noise reduction of binaural conversation, calling Siri, and last replay;

Package Included:

2x Earphones;

1x Charging Box;

1x Manual
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