Apr 302017

30th: At 6.30am 1 Osprey at north end of Loch Frisa flying towards Loch na Torr, 1 White Wagtail at Dervaig.
Common Sandpiper at Dervaig and Loch Frisa (BBS square and north end)

29th: Moonwort emerging at same spot as precious two years at Toechtamhor.
28th: 1 Peregrine over Treshnish wood

27th: 2 Long-tailed Tits in Treshnish wood seemed agitated and could be breeding. This would be a first for Treshnish. I’ve never seen signs of breeding on Mull.
26th: The Narrow-leaved Helleborine nearest our house has become two. Could it have reproduced vegetatively. They both are coming from exactly the same spot as the last two years growth which are both present. The one Carolyne found 2 years ago is also emerging.
Regular guests, the Beales’s reported a Cuckoo at Haunn.
25th: Carolyne reported a Cuckoo on the farm (not sure where).
22nd: male and female Blackbird taking food to a nest. Blackcap heard in Treshnish wood
21st: 1 Peregrine over Treshnish wood
17th: My first definite Swallow at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse
13th: Willow Warbler & Bullfinch heard in Treshnish wood
10th: 1 Merlin over TW
8th: 4 Sand Martins & 1 Wheatear at Haunn
7th: 2 Bluebells flowering and Narrow-leaved Helleborine near our house just emerging from leaf litter
6th: 12+ Sand Martins at Aros
5th: 2 Long-tailed Tits at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse
4th: 1 Reed Bunting at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse

 April 30, 2017