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30th: 1 Lapwing, 30 Golden Plovers, flock of Twite & Goldfinches , 1 juvenile Golden Eagle at Haunn (Graeme Hutchinson & Angie Craft).
29th: 1 Swallow over Treshnish wood and 2 White-tailed Eagles at Port Haunn which flew to the Treshnish Isles (1 was a sub-adult).
27th: 12-17 Golden Plovers at Haunn.
1 of the White-ramping Fumitories seedlings at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse has been eaten presumably by a vole so only 1 remaining although there are 2 more which have only the basal leaves and which could be new ones. I have also put about 10 seeds in pots and I think one has emerged but so far it only has  a pair of basal leaves and I won’t know for sure until the next more complex leaves emerge. I first saw it on the 24th. There are at least 5 seedling at Treshnish House and they are more advanced. So far all the seedlings I have seen have emerged in late summer. I am curious to see if they ever emerge in spring. ‘Fumitories of Britain and Ireland’ by R. J. Murphy states ‘Often acting as a winter annual, it can come into flower very early in the year, sometimes flowering as early as January in the Isles of Scilly’ This implies that sometimes it does not always over winter and so i presume it can sometimes emerge in the spring and flower in the summer of the same year. The booklet gives a reference for more details of its ecology (Scarce Plants in Britain JNCC publication by Stewart, Pearman and Preston) which it might be fun to get hold of. [But after looking at the price I might give it  a miss]
26th: Whilst walking the dogs at Haunn a Golden Eagle flew west very low into the wind. it was hunting low like a harrier. Seconds before we had just flushed a pheasant and a snipe. A second earlier and I think the eagle would have had seen where the Pheasant landed. I thought it was the male but I was too much enjoying the experience to check. fifteen minutes later I saw an immature Golden Eagle flying low and again westward into the wind right in front of Duill cotttage.
21st: 3 White-tailed Eagles flew south behind Ensay Farmhouse. They were fighting. I think they were 2 adults and an immature but it was too far away to be sure.

2 Golden Eagles flew from the sitheans to the cliffs above fort Ensay and earlier 1 immature above the sitheans.
1-2 Swallows over Treshnish wood.
20th: About 50 thrushes over Treshnish wood.
Pair of Golden Eagles all day over north Treshnish coast (sometimes displaying). In the morning they were joined by a third which I presume to be the roaming immature although I didn’t get a good view.

This is the old male over Treshnish Wood.

The pair of Choughs reported earlier were seen on the 30th of August below Crackaig.
18th: 1 White-tailed Eagle flying east along the north Treshnish coast.
I found another White Ramping-fumitory at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse

the parent plant is still flowering (there is an out of focus seed on the lower right).

This is the one I found a few days ago.

These could be seedlings (there were 2 small patches – one of which I found yesterday) although I think there should only be a pair of lower leaves and some of these have more. The leaves also too short and wide. I should know within a week.

17th: 6 Whimbrel, 4 Golden Plovers

1 Hen Harrier

all at Langamull.
16th: A pod of 9+ Bottle-nosed Dolphins were in Calgary Bay (they were around in the morning and evening but I can’t figure out how they were not visible in-between).
I went down to Ensay Burn mouth hoping they would pass but I missed the best shots as they passed before I got into a new position. There were at least 2 calves.

15th: Still at least 20 Swallows at Treshnish.

This one must have seen a vole.

A Mountain Hare feeds outside our window as I type but it is too dark for a photo.
The Chaffweed behind our house is doing really well this year. I’ve never seen it so big (although it is still very small).
This is a rare plant on Mull although probably under-recorded (I found it on my first attempt). It is found on wet muddy tracks.

Heard my first Red Deer stag of the year last night and also just now. Both on Ensay.
14th: 1-2 Red Grouse on east side of Cruachan Treshnish.
Late migrant: Wheatear on sitheans.
I was annoyed with myself for not having the shutter speed fast enough for this passing male Hen Harrier on the sitheans. I don’t get photo opportunities like this very often.

1 Mountain Hare at Treshnish lochan, presumably one of the hares that visits or garden every day.White Ling is not that uncommon but I am not sure I’ve seen white Bell Heather before. This was to the west of the sitheans behind our house.

13th: This immature Golden eagle over Ensay had 7 Buzzards circling above it. Notice the jagged trailing-edge of the wing showing, what I presume to be, juvenile feathers.

Here are some of the Buzzards.

12th: A family of Buzzards gives the occasional photo opportunity. There are often 7 circling together although this could be 2 family groups. They usually keep their distance hence this shot is heavily cropped.

This showed what looked like a white tail base but I didn’t get too excited as a Rough-legged Buzzard would be highly unlikely at this time of year and rare even in the winter. I presume the white in the tail was partly an optical artefact.

When it came closer I could see it was a pale Buzzard although this type are not common on Mull. They are very common in Denmark.

Guests at Haunn saw a Buzzard with a large Adder. It was dropped and survived. It seems that they were only playing with it. They also saw 3-5 Otters at Port Haunn, and on the night of the 12-13th a Barn Owl on the garden table.
The White Ramping-fumitories which I transplanted from Treshnish House to the Old Schoolhouse have produced their first seedling. I wasn’t expecting anything until next year as they have flowered for the first time this year. Hopefully there will be more (if not soon, then next year). One plant is unlikely to sustain a population unless it can survive the winter and produce a lot of seeds next year. The original site which has only produced one plant a year had many seedling last year and now has at least 3 new seedlings. Last year, I also transplanted some to 2 new sites around Treshnish House; one was eaten (presumably small rodents) but the other survived the winter and flowered. Hopefully that will also produce seedlings although I couldn’t see any yet.
10th: Late migrant: Spotted Flycatcher behind Treshnish Old Schoolhouse.
: 1 Black-tailed Godwit at Calgary machair,

Swallows, Sand Martins and at least 1 House Martin at Calgary, 1 White-tailed Eagle at Langamull.
1 immature Golden Eagle over Treshnish wood at 2pm

and 1 male Golden Eagle with something white dangling from its talons at 8pm (photos too dark).
6th: 1 male Golden Eagle over Haunn.
Carolyne saw 2 Hen Harriers (probably juveniles) before Mornish schoolhouse.
Guests at Haunn reported seeing a pair of Choughs during their stay (30th-6th). I am trying to get more details. Today they also saw their first Otter on their ‘leaving walk’ coast near the boathouse.
5th: 1 male Golden Eagle over around Treshnish House and wood. 1 Hen Harrier flushing 18 Mistle Thrushes over Ensay.
Migrants still present at Treshnish: 1 Whitethroat

and 20+ Swallows.
2nd: 1 Willow Warbler, 22 Mistle Thrushes and 1 Common Redpoll at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse. It was most probably a Meally Redpoll although I only had a quick view of the greyish upperparts . Still lots of Swallows around also.
Both Mountain Hares are seen on almost a daily basis and often at least one is seen in both the morning and evening.
This is the smaller hare (maybe it a female after all) after being told off for nibbling thought the netting to get at our lettuce.

This ship is presumably laying a cable to Tiree.

Only a French ship could have such a name (apart from the obvious reason).

 September 2, 2014

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