Jul 092019

9th: A plucked and largely eaten Common Gull fully grown chick beside Treshnish House. Peregrine or Golden Eagle? I suspect that a Golden Eagle, especially this new pair, would prefer to pluck further from habitation so I favour Peregrine. As an afterthought maybe a Buzzard is more likely. A Buzzard hangs out a lot in this spot and a couple of days ago it was sitting on top of the bird feeders here.

This is the Elecampane found yesterday. Myth has it that it grew from Helen of Troy’s tears, hence the scientific name Inula helenium.

: Sedge Warbler still calling at Treshnish boathouse and Whitethroat and Willow Warbler at Treshnish old Schoolhouse.

Rock Pipit parent

with fledglings at Calgary machair.

1 Honeybee on Calgary machair. I haven’t seen a Honeybee on Mull since a beekeeper kept his bees in Treshnish wood one year.

Volucella bombylans on Calgary machair (only my second record although the first was a mating pair, last year at Haunn).

1 Painted Lady at Treshnish old Schoolhouse and at least 1 on Calgary machair.

Also on Calgary machair: 1 probable Ancistrocerus oviventris (solitary wasp)

and metallic green beetle

Found 5 Pyramidal Orchids at Calgary. There was a twin in the dunes which is most likely the same spot where they were first seen by Jeff Hodgson in 2016. I have looked each year since then but haven’t been able to re-find it. It is outside the 2 year old sheep fence and I have always seen sheep or signs of sheep here on previous visits. One of the orchids today was definitely a new spot and I suspect that at least one other was also a new spot.

The Sea Pea at Treshnish boathouse has been eaten but there is still a leaf below a stone so I have built a little stone house for it

Found a new plant for Treshnish below Treshnish House but my camera battery was dead. It is probably Elecampane Inula helenium, an introduced species to the UK.

7th: 1 Golden Eagle hunting at the Common Gull colony at Treshnish lochan, a family of newly fledged Long-tailed Tits in Treshnish wood beside the burn (eastern side but obviously using both sides). This is the second year with proof of breeding at Treshnish.

Buzzard fledgling

and irate adult

On cliff a to south of Ensay Burn mouth: 1 probable Gwynne’s Mining Bee, 2 Fabricius’ Nomad Bee and 1 blood bee (almost certainly Furry-bellied Blood Bee).

On cliff b to south of Ensay Burn mouth: 1 Wall Mason Bee (again on Bird’s-foot Trefoil),

1 mini-miner, 1 possible Tormentil Mining Bee entering a nest burrow,

I think this is showing the 3 toothed mandible, diagnostic of Tormentil Mining Bee.

Also On cliff b: 1 Fabricius’ Nomad Bee, 1 Little Nomad Bee, 1 small metallic furrow bee and 2 blood bees (almost certainly Furry-bellied Blood Bee) and 1 what I think must be a male Smooth-faced Furrow Bee. I have had accepted females at the waterfall. This is the species which is a host to the Furry-bellied Blood Bee.

Also On cliff b: a bug possibly Capsus ater

and what can only be Common European Earwig Forficula auricularia, although the abdomen  is very red. Eawigs are in a totally different Order from beetles which include the similarly shaped Rove-beetles but they have no pincers.There are only 4 UK earwig species and 2 of them are only found in the south.


At Treshnish wood waterfall: 1 mini-miner, 1 small metallic furrow bee and 1 Little Nomad Bee.

To northeast of Treshnish Old Schoolhouse: 1 Sericomyia silentis, 1 male mining bee and at least 1 Cryptic Bumblebee queen

and a colourful fly

6th: 1 male Marsh Harrier on hillside above Black Park, which is rare on Mull but unfortunately no camera.
1 Golden Eagle hunting at the Common Gull colony at Treshnish lochan and soon afterwards 2 at Haunn and Cuckoo at Haunn.

3 Crossocerus still at West cottage, Haunn.

1 Painted Lady at Treshnish old Schoolhouse

4th: 1 Painted Lady and Cuckoo at Treshnish old Schoolhouse

3rd: to north of Treshnish Old Schoolhouse: at least 1 Broken-belted Bumblebee

and 1 Norwegian Wasp

1 Leucozona lucorum, 1 Sericomyia silentis and 1 Painted Lady.

2nd: young Adder in our kitchen!

1st: 1 Painted Lady at Treshnish old Schoolhouse

 July 9, 2019

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