Mar 312019

31st: Heard Long-tailed Tits in Treshnish wood.
Last year I was just learning how to find bees outside our garden and the early spring was very cold so I have no idea what a normal spring will reveal.

At exactly the same spot where I saw a male Common Furrow Bees last year there were at least 3 furrow bees one very busy excavating a nest burrow
At exactly  the same spot where I saw the furrow bee yesterday there were at least 2 species of mining bee. Some others I saw seemed to small and metallic to be Common Furrow Bee. I will need to get them checked by experts
One of the mining bees could be a male Sandpit Mining Bee.

The other was a mining bee with white face, an orangey long-haired thorax  and prominent pale hairy bands on the abdomen with orangey hairs on the first 2 tergites. Pretty sure that whatever it is, it is a new species for me  I think it is Coppice Mining Bee although it is a little early for that species. Coppice Mining Bee has been recorded at Oban and Ardnamurchan so most probably occurs on Mull.

The only bee I can be certain about so far this year at Treshnish was 1 Clarke’s Mining Bee by the Treshnish wood waterfall. I only saw it for a couple of seconds and it was far away but it is unmistakable.


Long-tailed Tit but I had an appointment with a bee so this was the best shot

First furrow bee of the year near Nissen hut in Treshnish wood. Probably Common Furrow Bee as this is 5m away from where I saw a male last year.

25th: 2 Long-tailed Tits near Treshnish Old Schoolhouse. They were behaving as though they were a pair not a roaming flock. Heard yesterday.

18th: Others saw a few Whooper Swans flying north

17th: First bumblebee of the year at Treshnish, one of the White-tailed Bumblebee complex

1st: Herons diving down into their nesting area in the wood. This continued all month.

 March 31, 2019

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