Jul 072018

Finally got some bee identifications back. It has been a long wait as the identifications experts are obviously very busy.
Worth the wait though as the results are 3 new confirmed bee species and 1 Plausible for me:

Broken-belted Bumblebee confirmed on 10th and two on 11th June at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse (I photographed many more but wanted to get these checked first). NBN Atlas has 4 records for Mull.
Painted Mining Bee confirmed on 16th June at Black Park quarry. There is 1 record on NBN Atlas for Mull

I already had two Plausible Painted Mining Bees on 19th June at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse (one of which I initially thought could be a Sandpit Mining Bee).
My first confirmed Moss Carder Bee on 11th June at coastal cliff at Treshnish Point.
Plausible Small Flecked Mining Bee on 3rd June at south side of Treshnish Point headland.

Other records:
Grey-banded Mining Bee on 17th June is not identifiable to species level.
A bumblebee which confused me on 10 May is Northern White-tailed Bumbleebee (my second confirmed plus 2 Plausible).
Cryptic Bumblebee confirmed on 3rd June at Black Park quarry (I have had one confirmed before).
Heath Bumblebee on 11th June at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse is probably Garden Bumblebee ‘Dark corbicular hairs and the narrow yellow band on the rear of the thorax suggest B.hortorum’
Heath Bumblebee on 11th June at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse is Garden Bumblebee ‘dark corbicular hairs.’
Grey Mining Bee on 28th May at Treshnish wood waterfall (Ensay side) is confirmed
Grey Mining Bee on 12th June at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse is confirmed.
Gwynne’s Mining Bee two on 16th June at Black Park quarry are confirmed.
Early Mining Bee on 19th June at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse already identified as Plausible

Early Mining Bee on 16th June at Black Park quarry is Plausible.
Little Nomad Bee confirmed on 7th June on loop in farm road in cowbarn field and another in Black Park on bank opposite quarry.
Blood Bee species on 7th June on bank near Black Park east gate could not be identified to species level.
Panzer’s Nomad Bee 1-3 on 29 May at Black Park quarry are all Plausible.


31st: 1 Silver Y ssp nigricans emerged. This is a rare subspecies of Silver Y.

A plant was brought to me that was found near Frachadil, Calgary. I thought it was Great Burnet but the leaves didn’t seem to fit. It has been confirmed as Great Burnet but could be a horticultural escape as the nearest records are from near Edinburgh.

30th: 1 Willow Warbler at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse

29th: 1 Whitethroat at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse
1 Silver Y ssp nigricans emerged but it was very active so I let it go without taking a photograph.

This is the Painted Lady pupae which started pupating on about the 22nd

Knot Grass caterpillar on Redleg on our compost heap

23rd: 1 & later 2 Bullfinches at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse
19 Fledged Common Gulls on Treshnish lochan with no adults in attendance was a unusually peaceful.

22nd: male Blackcap on gooseberries at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse.
White-tailed Eagle sitting for hours in the drizzle getting bombarded by adult Common Gulls by the lochan.

19th: first Scotch Argus of the year at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse

18th: 44 juv Common Gulls at Treshnish lochan, 1 Blackcap, 1 prob Reed Bunting, Bullfinch heard at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse

17th: 1 male Bullfinch at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse.

11th: The fourth caterpillar I am rearing is smaller and blacker than the Silver Ys and has branched spines. I think it is a Painted Lady.

This is one of the Silver Ys pupating.

10th: 2 Corncrakes heard calling at Haunn (Studio guests), I heard 1.
Sedge Warbler singing below Treshnish cowbarn.

One of the Silver Y caterpillars is already pupating. There are 2 more similar and one smaller and blackish.

9th: 1-2 House Martins below Treshnish House.

8th: Blackcap singing near Treshnish Old Schoolhouse, every day this last week
At least 9 fledged Common Gulls flying over the lochan.
I collected 4 of the suspected Silver Y caterpillars from below Treshnish House and will try to rear them.

7th: Corncrake heard last night at 2am at Haunn (East cottage guests) and in the last week 2 heard by West cottage guests who also had a juvenile Cuckoo bash into their window attended by a Meadow Pipit foster parent. Guests at Toechtamhor in the last month have also seen Cuckoos copulating and juveniles being fed and on the 5th Studio guests found a Cuckoo right in front of them on the path near Reudle Schoolhouse.

6th: 4 Bullfinches at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse and 1 Sparrowhawk below Duill cottage.
1 Spotted Flycatcher near Treshnish House.

Alarmed Curlew in meadow below Treshnish House.

Alarmed Oystercatcher at Treshnish boathouse.

5th: First Common Gull fledgling flying at lochan, 2 more on the water

and 1 even younger at the side, extremely well camouflaged in such an exposed habitat

1 Painted Lady at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse.

4th: Juvenile Wheatear

This is my first definite Volucella bombylans near West cottage, Haunn.
I am finding some of the bumblebee mimic hoverflies tricky especially the ones which have various forms but here I got good enough views to see the inward kink in the outer cross vein (near the tip) and the feather like antennae.
This is a pair copulating

2 Painted Ladies at Haunn.

3rd: 1 male Bullfinch in our garden.

1 Painted Lady on Calgary machair

2nd: Guests at Haunn heard a Corncrake there in the daytime and regular guests Ingrid and Volker heard 2 there at mid-day.
In the evening guests at The Studio saw a Barn Owl flying backwards and forwards in front of their conservatory.

At least 1 Painted Lady at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse and 1 on Calgary machair.
Found 5 caterpillars on a Creeping Thistle on the west side of the meadow below Treshnish House. I was sure they weren’t Painted Ladies which were found at exactly the same spot on the same thistles last year and couldn’t find them in the Porter book or searching the net, so I asked for help. Roy Leverton one of the leading Scottish moth experts suspected it was a Silver Y which were around in their thousands, as adults, in the spring. A quick internet search makes me as confident as I can be that he is right. Apparently this form is unusual and he wants me to rear the larvae to be sure. I think this meadow is about to be mown so I’ll move any I can find to safe ground and try to rear at least one.

the underside showing the number of pro-legs

1st: Guests at Haunn heard a Corncrake there in the daytime
Saw a caterpillar on a Creeping Thistle on the west side of the meadow below Treshnish House. It was late and poor light so I didn’t have camera.

 July 7, 2018

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