May 202018

Updated list of bees from VC103 including records from NBN Atlas and the BWARS maps (download only).

This updated list includes 5 BWARS additions to my previous list: Sandpit Mining Bee, Small Feckled Mining Bee, Bilberry Bumblebee, Smooth-faced Furrow Bee and Gooden’s Nomad Bee. I don’t know why they aren’t in NBN Atlas, perhaps they are historic records.

Gwynne’s Mining Bee doesn’t have any map on BWARS (obviously an error). BWARS doesn’t accept the record of a Brown-banded Carder Bee which I understand is from a 1947 specimen. The latter isn’t accepted on the Falk book on bees either so presumably they think that specimen has been mislabelled.

Species Vernacular Name # Mull Iona Coll Tiree
Andrena barbilabris Sandpit Mining Bee B
Andrena bicolor Gwynne’s Mining Bee AP
Andrena cineraria Ashy or Grey Mining Bee 4 N,B,AP
Andrena clarkella Clarke’s Mining Bee AP
Andrena coitana Small Feckled Mining Bee B B
Andrena fucata Painted Mining Bee 1 N,B
Andrena haemorrhoa Early or Orange-tailed Mining Bee B,AP
Andrena scotica Chocolate Mining Bee 2 N,B,AP
Andrena subopaca Impunctate Mini-miner 2 N,B,AP
Apis mellifera Western Honey-bee 11 N,AP B N,B
Bombus barbutellus Barbut’s Cuckoo Bee 6 N,B B
Bombus bohemicus Gipsy Cuckoo Bee B,AP B B
Bombus cryptarum Cryptic Bumblebee 1 N,AP
Bombus distinguendus Great Yellow Bumblebee 70 N,B N,B
Bombus hortorum Small Garden Bumblebee 22 N,B,AP N,B N,B
Bombus humilis Brown-banded Carder Bee 1 N
Bombus hypnorum Tree Bumblebee 1 U B
Bombus jonellus Heath Bumblebee 22 N,B,AP N,B N,B N,B
Bombus lapidarius Large Red-tailed Bumblebee 64 N,B,AP N,B N,B
Bombus lucorum White-tailed Bumblebee 13 N N N
Bombus lucorum agg White-tailed Bumblebee agg B B B B
Bombus lucorum sensu lato AP
Bombus magnus Northern White-tailed Bumblebee 24 N N N
Bombus monticola Bilberry Bumblebee B
Bombus muscorum Moss Carder Bee 92 N,B N,B N,B N,B
Bombus pascuorum Common Carder Bee 30 N,B N,B N,B N,B
Bombus pratorum Early Bumblebee 7 N,B
Bombus ruderarius Red-shanked Carder Bee 41 N,B N,B N,B
Bombus soroeensis Broken-belted Bumblebee 4 N,B
Bombus sylvestris Forest Cuckoo Bee or Four-coloured Cuckoo Bee 2 N,B
Bombus terrestris Buff-tailed Bumblebee 2 B N,B
Colletes floralis Northern Colletes 8 B N,B B
Colletes succinctus Heather Colletes 15 N,B,AP N,B B N,B
Lasioglossum albipes Bloomed Furrow Bee 3 B N,B
Lasioglossum calceatum Slender Mining Bee or Common Furrow Bee B,AP
Lasioglossum fratellum Smooth-faced Furrow Bee B
Nomada fabriciana Fabricius’ Nomad Bee 2 N,B
Nomada goodeniana Gooden’s Nomad Bee B
Nomada marshamella Marsham’s Nomad Bee 1 N,B
Nomada obtusifrons Flat-ridged Nomad bee 1 N,B
Nomada ruficornis Fork-jawed Nomad Bee AP(U)
Osmia bicornis Red Mason Bee 1 U
Sphecodes ephippius Bare-saddled Blood Bee 1 N
# = Number of records on NBN
N = NBN Atlas
U = Unconfirmed NBN
AP = Anand Prasad
 May 20, 2018

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