Apr 302018

There were reports of 2 Peregrines this month by two independent sources over a 2 week period. I have looked 3 times and only seen 1 on the first attempt on 21st. It looks like they have moved on but I won’t say where just in case I’m wrong and they are breeding.
Other guests have photographed a Barn Owl on the owl box in Black Park. I think between 28-30th of April.

30th: 1 Sand Martin around Treshnish lochan.

Clarke’s Mining Bee

and this could be the male. It was beside the farm road in the piles of grit which is very close to the Eared Willow with the female

Early Bumblebee

Tree Wasp Dolichovespula sylvestris on gooseberries.

This is probably the rove beetle Staphylinus erythropterus. I don’t think there are any Mull records for this species so will get it checked

Red-Breasted Carrion Beetle Oieceoptoma thoracicum.

29th: 2 Bullfinches beside Treshnish wood, Blackcap heard in Treshnish wood.
2 Common Sandpipers and paired up Goosanders and Sedge Warbler at Dervaig.



Not sure what this bee is but presumably a mining bee. It was looking under stones on the farm track near the cattle-grid beside Ensay Burn. It could actually move stones which must have been many times its own weight.
I am hoping that the stone moving behaviour might give a clue to its identity. It could be a male Clarke’s Mining Bee (see below).

Clarke’s Mining Bee on Eared Willow near Treshnish Old Schoolhouse and there was another, presumably the same near the Eucalyptus. It is a new species for me.

A new species for me and Treshnish, Early Bumblebee but I didn’t get good photographs.

Buff-tailed Bumblebee

Heath Bumblebee. They are quite difficult to separate at a distance from Garden Bumblebee but the buff in the tail seems to help. Up close the short face is an easy indicator.

First Platycheirus albimanus and Melanostoma scalare

First Green Hairstreak of the year near concrete ramp

First Green-veined White of the year and first definite Peacock.

28th: First Eristalis intricaria of the year.

27th: pair of Collared Doves at Ensay farmhouse.

26th: Great Skua over the raised beach at Port Haunn, 1 immature Golden Eagle at Glac Gugairidh.

22nd: Narrow-leaved Helleborine nearest our house has about 5mm shoot growing from the tuber below ground
These links here and here show what it looks like under the ground.

21st: Starlings building nest at side of The Studio. 1 Peregrine above cliffs near Port Haunn.

20th: Regular guests saw pod of dolphins below Treshnish House
Starlings building nest at side of The Studio.
First Bluebells flowering.

19th: Toechtamhor guests saw 2 Peregrines.
Carolyne’s Narrow-leaved Helleborine has a shoot about 1cm long but well below surface

15th: 1 Swallow above Treshnish lochan, Toechtamhor guests heard first Cuckoo

13th: Starling with nesting material at Treshnish House and pod of at least 6 Bottle-nosed Dolphins off coast below Treshnish House

12th: 1 White Wagtail at mouth of Allt Crossapol

(also a pair of Grey Wagtails there but I’m not going to log Grey Wagtail any more).
1 immature Golden Eagle flying south over Crossapol (this is my first record for this low coastal area)
Rock Pipit showing features of Scandinavian Rock Pipit

Meadow Pipit

Great Northern Diver

Coltsfoot at mouth of Allt Crossapol

There were 3 Buff-tailed Bumblebee queens in our tiny ornamental heather patch and another one on our Daffodils. Also another probable Melangyna lasiophthalma

I think this is Tree Wasp Dolichovespula sylvestris (my first)

11th: 1 Merlin over Treshnish wood ( photograph id quality only).


First Buff-tailed Bumblebee of the year. This is a dark queen

Also photographed Heath Bumblebee, Cryptic Bumblebee, Moss/Common Carder Bumblebee all on in the same 1x1m patch of heather and probable Melangyna lasiophthalma on Daffodils.

: Dunnock

I think this is a new hoverfly for me and Treshnish. It is a difficult group but the early flying period makes me think it is Melangyna lasiophthalma (also photographed what was probably same species on the 5th)

Also first Tapered Droneflies Eristalis pertinax of the year (x2 males) and first Garden Bumblebee amongst 15+ White-tailed Bumblebee complex.

9th: 1 redpoll heard over Treshnish Old Schoolhouse

8th: at least 1 Chiffchaff and at least 1 Willow Warbler at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse (my first of the year for both) and 5 Wood Pigeons over Treshnish wood

5th: 1 Merlin over Treshnish wood, 1 male Bullfinch and 1 redpoll in Treshnish wood.

4th: 1 Peregrine over Treshnish wood

2nd: 1 Carrion Crow overTreshnish wood

1st: 1 Collared Dove & 1 adult White-tailed Eagle around Treshnish lochan.

 April 30, 2018

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