Mar 012018

31st: 1 immature White-tailed Eagle low over Treshnish Old Schoolhouse. Unfortunately it was 7pm so quite dark.

30th: 1 Mealy Redpoll and 1 Reed Bunting beside Treshnish Old Schoolhouse.

28th: 1 Goosander flew east from Treshnish lochan direction.

24th: 1 Lapwing at Haunn and Carolyne saw a Short-eared Owl near Glac Gugairidh.

20th: Hen Harrier

earlier there were two sky dancing except they were both ring-tails so they were probably fighting.

Frequent guests Graeme and Angie saw 25 Whooper Swans flying north over Haunn(?) and 1 Peregrine behind Haunn cottages.

Mountain Hare. It didn’t move and I didn’t disturb it, in fact we sat together for about half an hour. If it ran it could easily become Golden Eagle supper. It was still there 3 hours later

: Frequent guests Graeme and Angie saw a male Wheatear at raised beach beyond Port Haunn.
Last night’s aurora
To the north

and to the west (Carolyne tells me this is a Steve not an aurora). See here for more info.


12th: Female Golden Eagle from pair A. The sun was against me.

Pity these White-tailed Eagles over Treshnish lochan were too far away. The little bird on top is a Buzzard!

First Bumblebees of the year in our garden. At least 2 of the White-tailed Bumblebee complex and a Common Carder.
Also the first hoverflies. 2 of the Platycheirus scutatus group. Pretty sure I’m right because of the long tangled hairs on the front legs.

11th: Female Golden Eagle from pair A

Hen Harrier

9th: Female Golden Eagle from pair A

1st: near adult White-tailed Eagle over sitheans.

1 Golden Eagle flew over whilst I was breaking ice at our water tank. The auto-focus is slow with the x2 converter and so missed the best shot. I think this is the male from pair A

A Golden Eagle (probably same bird as above) was playing around with what could have been a vole on Cruachan Treshnish. It even dropped it and caught it in mid-air and then transferred it from its talons to its bill. It flew off with it possibly as a gift to the female.


 March 1, 2018

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