Feb 102018

28th: 1-2 Gannets in Calgary bay off Treshnish House shore.

27th: I have spent a few days trying to get Golden Eagle photos of the nearest pair (not now technically the nearest so henceforth will be referred to as pair A). Although I saw and photographed the pair (including copulating as on 24th) I didn’t get good enough shots to see which was which, I think this is the male.

Also 1 Red Grouse and Golden Plover heard.

25th: immature White-tailed Eagle (sun was against me)

24th: Buzzard

22nd: Buzzard


21st: 5 Whooper Swans flying northeast over Reudle

2nd: 1 Merlin (record shot only) and 2 Red Grouse on Cruachan Treshnish.

 February 10, 2018

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