Jan 062018

31st: I have given up on a x1.4 converter with my kit (the shots on the 6th were the last on this page) and have splashed out (or rather drowned out) on a 300mm f2.8 MkII lens.
These were of three immature White-tailed Eagles are with the 300mm and x2 converter. They are lightened and slightly sharpened.

19th: I arrived at Calgary beach immediately after an adult male Long-finned Pilot Whale died. I found this out after talking to locals including a local marine biologist. I can’t make up my mind if I would have preferred to have seen it alive or not. Apparently it only got stranded about an hour before it died.
A Long-finned Pilot Whale was seen floating off the north shore of Treshnish for about 2 weeks in early April 2008 and it eventually got washed up on shore. It was identified by experts from my photos of the skeleton.

Stonechat in the snow

Common Gull

Song Thrush


: 1 Iceland Gull flew southwest over Treshnish wood.

Hooded Crow

: 3 Redwings by Treshnish cowbarn

: These photos were with x1.4 extender on Canon 7D MkII & Canon 100-400 F4.5-5.6 MkII.

They are heavily sharpened. I usually only sharpen slightly if at all but I had to sharpen these.
By mistake the zoom was only extended to 500mm. The top 2 eagle shots are almost full frame and only cropped to centre the bird.

White-tailed Eagle


Reed Bunting to east of Sitheans

1 Red Grouse on northeast side of Cruachan Treshnish

These were taken on a very dull day but resting on a support and cropped to roughly same image size.
The best shot is without the converter (extender).

4th: 2 Fieldfares in Treshnish wood

 January 6, 2018

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