Feb 052017

14th: An adult White-tailed Eagle flew up beside the car to east of Connel.

It has a hassling Carrion Crow and Hooded Crow in attendance. Carrion Crows are rare on Mull

13th: 1 Lapwing at Haunn.
12th: 1 adult Peregrine flew north over Treshnish wood and then towards Calgary.
10th: A Robin follows me around as I collect seaweed.

1 Winter Moth in morning on bags of freshly collected seaweed. I wrote an article for Atropos about late flying Winter Moths which the literature has as flying in October – January. I have seem them as late as 8th of March. I contacted Scottish Vice-county recorders and found out it was primarily a western Scotland phenomena although there is also a 28th March record for Fife. I wonder if the latest Waring and Townsend has incorporated this new data.

: Buzzard

 February 5, 2017

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