Oct 152018

31st: At least 5 Long-tailed Tits in Treshnish wood.

30th: at least 7 Jackdaws at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse.
1 Great Spotted Woodpecker and Bullfinch and Long-tailed Tit heard in Treshnish wood.

29th:  1 Whooper Swan still on Treshnish lochan.

1 Woodcock in Treshnish boathouse field

28th: At least 80 Jackdaws still present around Treshnish wood. 1 Lapwing in flight below Treshnish wood, 1 Whooper Swan and 7 Wigeon on Treshnish lochan (the latter a first for Treshnish). The longest staying record we have for Whooper Swan on the lochan were 2 which stayed for 22 days in November 2010 and they only flew because the lochan was almost entirely frozen.

Also 4 Whooper Swans flying north in the morning

and at dusk 5 flying south over Calgary bay and veering west to Treshnish Point. 1 Redwing and 2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers (first time I’ve seen more than one). Although they breed in Calgary wood they are scarce at Treshnish and usually only seen in the winter. There were a few records from the summer of 2012 but no proof of breeding.

Previous Great Spotted Woodpecker records at Treshnish (since 2006).
21 Dec 2010 – 14 Mar 2011 (3 records)
26 Oct- 5 Nov 2011 (2 records)
20 Jul – 19 Aug 2012 (4 records)
24 Oct – 11 Dec 2012 (6 records)
11-12 Mar 2014 (2 records)
15 Apr 2015 (1 record)

27th: 120+ Jackdaws around Treshnish wood (apparently at one time many on our roof),

10 + 5 +6 thrushes around Treshnish wood, 2 pale geese probably Pink-footed Geese flying south at Haunn and 1 Redwing at Haunn.

26th: 4 Bullfinches, 3 Fieldfares, 1+ Long-tailed Tits at Treshnish wood, 1 Whooper Swan on Treshnish lochan.

25th: 460+ Greenland White-fronted Geese flying south (my previous highest daily count was 142 on 28 Oct 2016).

(with at least 1 Barnacle Goose) flying south over Treshnish and 20 Whooper Swans on Treshnish lochan (highest previous count was 17 on 9th April 2006), c25 Redwings and 1 Long-tailed Tit in Treshnish wood.
Cattle Egret still present at Calgary.

24th: 1 Whooper Swan flying to Treshnish lochan.

16 White-fronted Geese flying south over Treshnish wood.

23rd: 24 dark geese probably White-fronted Geese fling east from Teshnsih lochan and then turning over Ensay and flying west to Haunn.

22nd: 24 Barnacle Geese flying west over Treshnish boathouse, c30 Redwings and 10+ Long-tailed Tits around Treshnish wood

21st: c100 Redwings over Treshnish wood

19th: 1 Whooper Swan, 4 Black-headed Gulls and 11 Long-tailed Tits c30 geese flying south at Duill
The Cattle Egret still present at Calgary graveyard field.

18th: c20 geese flying s

15th: 1 Cattle Egret at Calgary. Our neighbour saw it on the 12th and a Calgary resident saw it yesterday evening. It was apparently also present at Dervaig on the 12th but that could be just inaccurate place recording. This is a Scottish rarity and the only the third record for Argyll.

4 Golden Plovers at Langamull machair.

7th: at least 3 Bullfinches near Nissen hut Treshnish Wood.


5th: 6 Jays (flying west) just below Treshnish farm building and also c20 Long-tailed Tits but they landed to west of Duill.


4th at least 2 possibly 8 Bullfinches at Treshnish Old Schoolhouse.


3rd: Guests reported an Osprey at Haunn and i8bn fistty week of June 2016 at Croggan.


2nd: Guests reported an Osprey at Haunn and same guests saw one at Croggan  in first week of June 2016.


 October 15, 2018